Microblading, Powder-fill, Ombre or any Combination Eyebrows

Microblading or Ombre shading of Eyebrows are two Permanent Makeup techniques that can improve the shape, the color, and the fullness of eyebrows. And, since the eyebrows are tattooed, they do not smear or wash off. Together, you and Dawn can create your best look, which energizes your expression and makes you feel beautiful!
Brow designs should harmonize with the dimensions and curvature of the face. It takes a skilled permanent makeup artist to achieve this, because each face is unique and not entirely symmetric. Powder fill, hairstrokes, blending, multiple colors are all achievable with permanent cosmetics at Accent.


Microblading for Hairstrokes

The relatively new technique, Microblading, uses a sloped mutli-needle hand tool, which allows the artist to create hairstrokes with varied length, direction, and fullness. This along with the application of multiple ink colors can create natural, 3-dimensional eyebrows in any style.  Microblading requires less healing time than traditional permanent makeup techniques, and the eyebrows lighten and change less during the healing process. You look natural and beautiful immediately after leaving Accent.

Men Benefit from Brow Enhancement

Men can also benefit from eyebrow tattooing with a more youthful and masculine look. Brows can be made to look naturally fuller by applying a powdery background overlayed with simulated hair stokes. Sparse areas caused by natural hair loss, over tweezing, cancer, alopecia, or trichotillomania can be filled in. More color in the facial area energizes your appearance, and takes off years!

Brows are key elements in facial non-verbal communication, because they convey attitudes, feelings, and sentiments

Permanent Eyeliner can be as simple as lash enhancement, or can include mucosal color. The appearance can be solid, smudgy, or a combination, even a colored, blended shadow with liner. And, since Permanent Eyeliner is tattooed, it does not smudge or smear and is waterproof! Check out more of our videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/accentpms/videos

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Amanda Slape
Amanda Slape
17:43 22 Dec 18
I went to Dawn in 2017 after years of wanting the perfect eyebrows. 3 of my co-workers recommended Dawn to me and I had my eyebrows microbladed. During my initial consultation, Dawn took her time taking photos and explained how the measurements on my face were a better suit than how I had been previously drawing my eyebrows. I proceeded with getting them done and accepted her professional opinion and was so glad I did!!!! My brows looked fantastic and I got so many compliments that I even had 3 more friends get their brows done with her. She has over 30 years of experience in the permanent makeup industry and that gave me confidence that she was good. She continues to keep up her credentials with the newest trends and has all her certificates are posted in her office in plain view. I’ve had my initial retouch and now after 1 year going back to have them touched up again. The price was completely worth it! Remember ladies, this is your face, invest in it because it’s the first thing people see and you’re worth it!read more
Bella Sophia
Bella Sophia
05:20 09 Dec 18
I went to Dawn about 8 years ago for brows, lips & liner. I was too chicken to ever go back for a touch up as was recommended, but my eyeliner is still pretty much perfect. My lips had scar tissue that she was able to camouflage beautifully and the color was perfect. Mind you - my natural lip color was close to flesh tone due to scarring and vascular issues. My brows were flawless. I recently decided to try Microblading and went to someone else because I heard she was great and I didn’t want to drive too far. I ended up with brows that were too sparse and had spots missing. Also - the color was wrong. I asked her to correct her work and she charged me! Can you believe that? I learned my lesson. I’ll be contacting Dawn for a full face again. She’s the actual best. I’ve had good and bad work - let me tell you - this is your face ladies. Don’t cut corners and try to save money. She is worth every cent.read more
Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown
19:15 12 Nov 18
Dawn did amazing job on my eyebrows, the service with Dawn and Maria are 5 stars. I would recommend Dawn to whoever is looking for permanent makeup, she is the lady and a true artist. Thank you again Dawn, for making eyebrows look great!:)read more
S. Burns
S. Burns
05:16 11 Sep 18
I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my eyebrows! Dawn is so thorough, going over everything with her clients that’s she thinks needs done. She listens intently to one’s thoughts, and she creates eyebrows that look so natural. I felt completely confident that everything would turn out because of the pictures she took beforehand and the grid she used to help her know what needed to be done. She’s the best, and I’ve received so many compliments on how my eyebrows look! Plus, she is so friendly!!!! Her assistant, Maria, is great, too! You can tell Dawn and Maria have a wonderful relationship in the way they interact with one another. :)read more
Sharon Eaton
Sharon Eaton
21:17 25 Jul 18
Well when I went in I was a little nervous. I did not want my eyebrows to enter the room before me. Dawn spent a good 30 minutes talking with me and going over what I liked and did not like. She is very knowledgeable about her skills. I love my eyebrows. I went in today for my follow up and had a few more strokes added. My eyebrows looks awesome! They look natural! I love waking up and not having to put on my brows. Dawn is great and Maria her Admin. Assistant is great. Overall very pleased would highly recommend Accent Makeup. Thank you Dawn and Maria!read more
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