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  •   Accent Permanent Makeup Studio in Temecula is an incredible place to visit if you desire to enhance your natural facial beauty attributes.  Dawn is an incredible professional tattoo artist who greets you and talks with you at length to determine your individual wishes - whether you want to  enhance your lips,  your eyebrows, your eyes with eyeliner or eyeshadow. She then proceeds to analyse your utmost beauty potential with her keen eye for beauty and many years of tattoo experience.  Dawn then shares and explains to you with pictures and diagrams how she can make your wishes a reality.  If after the consultation you decide to proceed with the tattoo procedure, I can assure you Dawn puts you at ease - she explains every step as she first numbs the area and uses the artistic strokes of her tattooing equipment for your transformation. I had no idea how permanent make-up could make my life so much easier in my every day routine of getting ready for work, school, shopping, etc.  I do need to add that Dawn transformed my lips from scarred and asymetrical (due to the birth defect of cleft lip and palate) to gorgeous and pouting looking lips - it is a dream come true.  I cannot thank Dawn enough.

    thumb Ana S.

      I always swore I'd never get a tatoo, but this is not the same!  For someone who never had eyebrows, this has been an eye opener (pun intended)!  I am thrilled with the work Dawn does.  She has magic in those colors!  I feel younger, prettier, smarter even!  So glad I finally had this done!  I've been exstatic with my brows!

    thumb Rebecca S.

      I went to Dawn in 2017 after years of wanting the perfect eyebrows. 3 of my co-workers recommended Dawn to me and I had my eyebrows microbladed. During my initial consultation, Dawn took her time taking photos and explained how the measurements on my face were a better suit than how I had been previously drawing my eyebrows. I proceeded with getting them done and accepted her professional opinion and was so glad I did!!!! My brows looked fantastic and I got so many compliments that I even had 3 more friends get their brows done with her. She has over 30 years of experience in the permanent makeup industry and that gave me confidence that she was good. She continues to keep up her credentials with the newest trends and has all her certificates are posted in her office in plain view. I've had my initial retouch and now after 1 year going back to have them touched up again. The price was completely worth it! Remember ladies, this is your face, invest in it because it's the first thing people see and you're worth it!

    thumb Amanda S.

      I was referred to Dawn, I had my eyebrows Microbladed they came out just amazing, I couldn't be happier with my results. I would recommend Dawn for any permanent makeup. She is truly a real artist. Thank you Dawn!

    thumb Sandy B.

      Best best best ever! I look amazing. Exactly what I was looking for. Depth. Dimension. Soft with edge. Professional. To the point. Superior. Kove ger and ger team her work is precise.

    thumb Cherie H.
  •   I had a terrible experience with Dawn, she came highly recommended and  thought she was nice until she opens her mouth. First off she tells me I am to old to have thick eyebrows, but I tell her my eyebrows are thick naturally.
    She proceeds to put me on the computer and measure, first go round see tattoos in way to thin but then says next time we will do hair strokes. one eyebrow is higher that the other.
    Second go round she cleans up my eyebrows and we argue that the one eyebrow in higher than the other and she tries to fix it but does the same tattoo over with no hair strokes and she shaves my eyebrows off.
    Now I am having them lasered off due to her horrible job that she did on me and I would of course never go back. She needs to do what the customer wants and not what she thinks I want.
    My Dr. has not charged me for the procedure and kinda shocked what she did.
    I have seen her photos and they do look great, wish that she would post my horrible eyebrows on her wall so that people know that she does make mistakes at my cost.
    And lastly she talks so bad about people who gives her a bad review  she needs to have a little class and keep her opinions to herself.
    If I could give her no stars I would. Dawn it would be a lot nice to visit if you act like a professional instead of a mean boss.

    thumb Lynn G.

      I went back to Dawn about 3 weeks ago for my second visit (free touch up). Dawn said I will be her project. If you read my first review, I was the one who had done so much just to have eyebrows... 2x tattoo, hair implant, microblade, microshade.. you name it (all from different places). I have problem skin, too oily, scared, large pores. Only Dawn is determined to give me eyebrows. She's very compassionate, warm and loving person. Even though I think I'm older than her, she acts like a mom to me. So, the result of my second visit is amazing. I have brows!! I wake up in the morning, wash my face or shower without having to spend hours in front of the mirror. Dawn still wants me to come back after 6 weeks cause she wants to perfect my brows. I will see her in 3 weeks and will update you guys with the outcome of my 3rd visit. I highly recommend Accent Permanent makeup. Please don't make the same mistake I did of going to the wrong places. I really wished I could turn back the clock and went to Dawn first thing instead. Thank you Dawn!

    thumb Melynda A.

      I just got my eyebrows done this past wedn and I gotta say I love my new eyebrows. I have waited years to get this done because I have never really had eyebrows and I was scared of after waiting so long to do this that someone would screw up my eyebrows forever. Dawn was very informative, straight to the point and honest which I liked. She walks you through everything step by step to make sure it's to your satisfaction. Her and her assistant are amazing. Thanks again!

    thumb Rochelle H.

      Dawn has turned my upside down frown into a smile. I originally had my permanent make up on my eye Browns from another studio and they did not stick and ruined my face. They also had to heal but I reviewed Dawn Percer's reviews, gave her a call and she offered to take a look and see what she could do . She asked me to allow them to heal and scheduled me and when she saw what happened from the previous place that I went to she was shocked as much as I was. Dawn was able to make major manic happen by having to repair my eye brows but she also made me look like a new person within the first two appointments. I now look back after being her permanent client, because if it wasn't for her skills and talent I think I would have been scarred for life. Dawn thank you for taking a chance on me and making magic happen. You know I am one of your most pleased clients for life.

    Dawn is extremely professional, clean , courteous and kind and her staff are always very professional and kind as well!

    thumb R L.

      I wouldn't trust anyone else with my eyebrows! Dawn is so thorough, going over everything with her clients that's she thinks needs done. She listens intently to one's thoughts, and she creates eyebrows that look so natural. I felt completely confident that everything would turn out because of the pictures she took beforehand and the grid she used to help her know what needed to be done. She's the best, and I've received so many compliments on how my eyebrows look! Plus, she is so friendly!!!! Her assistant, Maria, is great, too! You can tell Dawn and Maria have a wonderful relationship in the way they interact with one another. 🙂

    thumb Sheena B.
  •   I had my eyebrows tattooed by dawn, I called for a retouch and the special since my birthday was in august I was told from the receponist that I could not get this special since it had been over a year well it was nov 17 that they were done so a year has not happened yet, dawn did a lousy job they blamed me which I get it, don't blame my work the color has faded tremendously they blamed me not the operator well I am not going to argue with you or anyone else about the shoddy work I paid a lot for this and this is what I receive, I agree dawn is very opinionated and thinks her way is the only way well she might have been doing this for a long time but I am going to tell you first hand that I found someone that does a better job and not quite so expensive thank god for that I won't have to listen to her  opinions  anymore and my eyebrows look wonderful compared to what they were just trust your gut instinct when you go if it does not feel right don't let her touch you she can speak very highly of herself and get you thinking she knows what she is talking about she needs to go back to school and relearn new techniques and procedures

    thumb Ann A.

      I love my eyebrows! In my 30s I began to lose my natural eyebrows due to age & over tweezing. I always had to pencil them in & they'd sometimes rub off during my workouts. I was apprehensive about getting them permanently done especially if they were done poorly or unflatteringly. I saw her work via before & after photos and liked it. When I got my eyebrows done, she gave me advice about longer & thicker and I did it. Beautiful! Dawn did an amazing job and is really passionate about what she does. I keep coming back to her because I like the care and perspective she gives me every time I come. If you want to have work done that is tailored to flatter your face, and have it done thoughtfully, give Accent Permanent Makeup a call!

    thumb Cherise F.

      I just Love Dawn's fabulous work! I have been going to Accent for 3 years and each time I leave with gorgeous eyebrows! I am 53 and my eyebrows started to diminish at 50.  It would take 10 to 15 minutes each day to draw in my eyebrows. It was also embarrassing when I would leave the gym and half of my eyebrow or both had disappeared. Now I have extra time to get ready or sleep in and my eyebrows look great after a workout! Also, not to mention they look fabulous throughout the day! Go to Dawn and you won't be disappointed!

    thumb Monique A.

      You are the very best at what you do!!!! I would send a picture of my self but as you know I'm not very photogenic. You took the best picture of me ever taken. You probably don't still have it.
    So many of my friends love my permanent makeup and said if ever they go to California they are gonna make appointment with you. and if your ever here in Mississippi they will all line up.
    I still love my makeup it still looks like I just got it done.
    Thank you Dawn
    Mindi's mom
    Julie Thexton

    thumb Julia T.

      Dawn is a professional from the word go.  She is warm and has a great eye for the right style for each individual.  I drive over an hour to have her do my permanent makeup and I hope she never retires.

    thumb Liz W.
  •   I wish I could write a review about Dawn's artwork, but sadly I cannot. The only thing I can write about is customer service and professionalism, which is non existent on Dawns end. Her receptionist is great though! That's a plus. As some of the other reviewers mentioned, Dawn is rude, unprofessional and treats her clients as if they are her children, at least this was my experience. I came in to get some eyeliner done, which she told me she could not perform because in her opinion it would not be good for my face. I totally understand that, she's an artist and I am a walking billboard for her work, so that's totally fine with me. The unprofessionalism comes in when she started asking me about my body tattoos, I have my entire chest, back, stomach neck and a chunk of my arm starting a black out tattoo. She started telling me her "medical" opinion about putting this much ink in my body, I didn't really come to get lectured on that but I sat through anyway hoping we could come to an agreement on what she COULD do for me. I'm sure she could eventually see that I stopped caring about her opinion on doing a blackout tattoo on my arms. It was clear on my face and i also told her I would still continue with my body tattoos. She proceeded on to keep lecturing me then started asking about my personal life. How old am i, what's my ethnicity... what does my mother think of my tattoos... questions of that sort. Then she proceeded to tell me that if I were her child she would beat me. During the appointment, my girlfriend of 4 years accompanied me on. She proceeded to ask her how she felt about my tattoos. My gf is not too fond of all my tattoos but she loves me regardless. Dawn then started lecturing me saying "you don't care about your gf" " you decide to keep tattooing yourself and your gf doesn't like it, her opinion doesn't matter to you". Then she said "if your gf cheated on you would you feel hurt, well you're hurting her by doing this blackout tattoo becuase it can kill you". She then proceeded to tell my gf that she should break up with me. Luckily for me, I don't get offended very eaaily, so as I'm listening to her all I can do is laugh I'm the inside because I'm thinking maybe this lady is somewhat insane lol. It was quite entertaining to be honest. I thought maybe after i listen to her lecture we can possibly agree on a procedure for me. I actually was willing to compromise to get my eyeliner done, but the lectures continued. She also asked me what my ethnicity was and when I told her native American, she said "well maybe that's why you get all those tattoos, most native Americans are crazy probably from what the white people did to you". In my head I'm like wtf is going on in this room. But I just brushed it off. As she kept lecturing me on the hazards of blackout tattoos, she said to me " you're not very smart" and I replied with " I actually am very smart" she then said "what, street smart?" At that point I'm thinking, yea she's probably racist. Throughout this entire endever, she just let the insults flow right out, I think she expected me to blow up and curse her out or something, but I kept it classy. When I showed her a picture of how I wear my makeup normally, she told me " you look like a transvestite or a kim k wanna be" I just smiled and let her know I disagreed with pretty much everything she was saying. Eventually we came to the conclusion she could not help me. We said our goodbyes, I even gave her a hug because showing kindness is always a better defense than being a bitch. I'm not exactly sure what is going on in Dawns life, but from a clients stand point, she is not a business woman. She is extremely rude, unprofessional, and tremendously ignorant. Be aware .

    thumb Dc D.

      Dawn is AMAZING! One of the best in her field of doing permanent makeup. She is a perfectionist and such an Artist! I am so very Happy with the results from her wonderful skills! My brows look incredible! She makes the whole experience so positive and you feel like a Million Dollars when you walk out! Maria is so sweet and always there to help!

    Hugz to you both!

    thumb Michelle J.

      Dawn is a perfectionist at heart, she's done my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. I'm extremely happy with the results! I drive down from San Francisco to get touch ups and wouldn't go anywhere else.

    thumb Veronica S.

      Love my eyebrow. Thanks to Dawn.
    Dawn is very professional, warm personality and super friendly. We can talked about anything during the procedure. Maria is her assistant very responsive whenever customer need anything without being ask. Great customer service and super friendly too. Thanks Maria.
    They made you feel like home in the mean time she is working on your eyebrow

    thumb Faye C.

      This is the worse experience I ever had, I was looking forward to get my eyebrows after this lady Dawn. When I went to her  I  told her that I want microblading not a tattoo  She had show me on the computer how I will look after  she completed the work, this witch took my $500 for a simple tattoo I had called her office spoke to Maria  her assistance both are so rude especially Dawn is very unprofecially rude she didn't  like the fact that  I told her how unhappy I was with  her job REALLY BAD
    DON'T  GO TO THIS PLACE SHE WILL TAKE YOUR  $ the same thing she did to me


    thumb Maggie S.
  •   Accent Permanent Makeup is honest, amazing and is a very professional experience . Dawn is very honest and wont let you choose to do something you don't need or wouldn't look right. She's looking out for your best look. I came back for a touch up after my lips were done and she told me it was not needed. I appreciate her honesty. Her work is a test to that! I have referred many clients to her because of the way she treats you with honesty and her work is beautuful! I absolutely highly recommend her services! And once again a job well done!! Thank you Dawn!!

    thumb Renee B.

      Dawn does excellent work..very very conscientious.She wants you to love your results and I always do...I wouldn't trust anyone but Dawn to do permanent eyebrows on my face...She is definitely the BEST!

    thumb Claudia D.

      I made a visit to Dawn today to have my eyebrows corrected. I've lived with my eyebrows being one higher than the other. She worked her magic and they are almost perfectly even.  Thank you Dawn...won't go anywhere else but you!

    thumb Teri C.

      Dawn did a beautiful job with my eyebrows.  She was even able to cover up residual from a previous eyebrow job that was poorly done.  She is thoughtful and thorough in helping you choose the exact right shape and color of eyebrow for your face.  I really love my brows!  And her assistant, Maria, is kind and helpful.

    thumb Debbie B.

      April 2018

    I went in to have my brows & lips contoured & colored. Dawn helped me select beautiful colors for both, & she did the procedure very professionally & timely!  I will definately have her do any future touch ups I may need.

    thumb Elizaberh M.
    Dawn Percer, owner of Accent Permanent Makeup Studio, made me feel better about myself and look more beautiful by giving me permanent lip and eyebrow color.  My first visit with Dawn was about two years ago to fix a scar on my upper lip I received from a puppy bite.  Dawn was able to even out the lip line.  My second visit with Dawn was to touch up my lips.  She recommended a darker color, which I let her pick because she is very perceptive on what color flattered my skin tone best.  I am very happy with the lip color and my scar is a lot less noticeable.  On my third visit, Dawn did my eyebrows.  It is amazing the difference from my natural eyebrows to my new eyebrows - it improves my overall look.  The first week they were too dark but once healed, they lightened more to my taste and they are very flattering.  My 4-6 week follow-up visit added more depth and corrected any imperfections.  Dawn is very creative, capable and confident at what she does.  She is a very honest and caring person.  Dawn will do everything she can to make you feel comfortable.  I receive nice compliments on my lips, eyebrows, and I look and feel so much better when I wake up and look in the mirror.

    One little precaution I wanted to share.  Fever blisters are a common side affect of lip tattooing.  If you have ever had fever blisters (even years ago), cold sores, I strongly recommend a prescribed anti-viral medication is taken prior to and after the procedure.  Although Dawn asked me before the procedures and explained in detail about the potential of getting fever blisters, I did not fully appreciate what she was saying.  After my first visit, I learned that I am "one-out-of-five" people who have the Herpes Simplex Virus-Type 1.  I did not know this until a few days after my lips were tattooed.  To prevent you from going through what I went through, make sure you take L-Lysine 5 days before you get your lips tattooed and 7 days after and/or anti-viral medication from your doctor.  If you do have this virus, it is very easy to spread.  Even if you do not immediately see signs of blisters, act like you have them.  If you touch your lips, dab the cold sore with clean finger or q-tip and use different q-tip for the rest of lip.  Carmex or orajel lessens the pain. Use abreva to shorten the breakout.  You can find out more information from googling cold sores or click on this link:….

    thumb Janet E.

      If you're tired of getting up early to put on your makeup in the morning, or frustrated when it washes off during water fun in the summer, there IS a solution; permanent makeup! BUT, this is your face we're talking about. You can't trust just anyone with it. You need someone experienced, professional and has EXCEPTIONAL skill In applying permanent makeup. That person is none other than Dawn Perser at Accent Permanent Makeup Studio! I have been a client for several years. I wouldn't recommend anyone else! I always feel 100% confident Dawn will give me the best results ever and she has never disappointed! I've trusted her with my eyebrows, eye liner and lips. She's the best! I highly recommend Dawn Percer!

    thumb Marilyn T.

      Have been going to this beautiful lady for over ten years.  She does a wonderful job and wants you to be satisfied.  Welcoming and clean environment.  Thank you Dawn and Maria!

    thumb Latasha E.

      Dawn is just the best! It took a long time to finally decide to get my brows done but when I found Dawn I knew she would be the one. She will map out your brows on a computer grid and show you how your new brows will look. I had absolutely no brows and Dawn worked with me to come up with the best look for me. I am so pleased with the results! I no longer spend time drawing on brows every day. You can be confident that Dawn will provide you with your best look!

    thumb Barb D.

      I highly recommend Dawn for permanent makeup. I originally got my eyebrows and eyeliner done in April 2016, I just went in today for an eyebrow touch up, let me tell you I am so happy with my eyebrows. I am so glad I went with Dawns recommendations (she really knows her stuff)  we changed the color and shape slightly and let me tell you, they look Ahhhmazing!!! I am look forward to getting my eyeliner touched up and lips done in a few months. I can't believe how cumbersome painting on my eyebrows used to be, such a time saver!

    thumb Misty Z.
  •   Dawn is a master at her craft.  She gave me eyebrows that I've always wanted.  As a blonde with putting on eyebrows with a pencil for years, the permanent eyebrows with strokes are great.  A whole new me!  Thank you Dawn!  Loving my brows!

    thumb Susan K.

      I have to say I truly enjoyed my experience getting my eyeliner tattooed on. I was so nervous because this was going to be a permanent marking on my face but with the care and advice that Dawn offered I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. She took the time to make sure I was aware that this will now be my new look and she didn't take it lightly. She is a woman who takes pride in her work and does it with the intention to truly make the customer satisfied. I definitely recommend her work to those who are thinking or who have been looking into permanent makeup.

    thumb Audrey W.

      I have been seeing Dawn for probably 8 years. She always does such a great job and I highly recommend her. This time though she did such an amazing job, I just had to share. We have always done solid tattoo because of the sparseness I had in my brows due to years of over-tweezing. However, this time she did the hair-stroke microblading. I cannot tell you how happy I am. We went a little thicker and my brows look so natural! Thank you Dawn!

    thumb Catie C.

      I have been a client of Dawn's services since August 2017. Since then, I have been to her three times for her various services--permanent tattoo brows, lip tattoo color and liner, tattoo eyeliner, and scar revision. She is a true professional and perfectionist! I chose her because of her years of experience; and before and after photos--I made the right choice. I will be going back in February to have my eyeliner touched up. I love my brows...Dawn made them extremely even and I LOVE THE SHAPE!! Having permanent makeup saves me so much time. I am always on the go and I used to waste so much time putting my brows on, which is why I had to go back for the eyeliner!

    thumb Jamie B.

      I had a great first experience here with Dawn Percer!! I chose to have microblading permanent eyebrows done yesterday. She took her time to sketch out the eyebrow shape that worked well for me, my facial type, and also based upon her extensive experience. She was pleasant, kind, and funny! I love my new eyebrows even though they are still healing, they look great! I'm so glad I chose Dawn and that I followed through with it. Anyone interested in permanent makeup should definitely go to her!

    thumb Kim H.

    I really wish I could give a negative review.

    I took my mother here for a consultation after she was recommended by a dermatologist. We drove an hour as we were coming all the way from Rancho Cucamonga. I was received with such kindness from the receptionist that she was really looking forward to her appointment.
    The day of her appointment we were running late cause of traffic, we were told to come in anyways,(I told her we were about 20 min away and about how far we were driving from) they were currently seeing a patient but she told us there was a possibility we could still be seen and that they had a next available appointment in the afternoon which was fine with us.
    Well we get there and the receptionist does tell us about the next available appointment cause they were still with a patient... We said that was fine and that we'll come back later... The receptionist quickly told us to wait a bit and the doctor ended up coming out to take a quick look at my mother which was really nice of her but what came out of her mouth is why I'm writing such a bad review.

    Before my mother could even say a word the lady quickly came up to her and told her "YOU UNDERSTAND ENGLISH RIGHT?" But in such a nasty almost degrading way. She then continued to say "SORRY TO SAY AND I'M NOT TRYING TO BE OR SOUND PREJUDICE, BUT DID YOU GET YOUR EYEBROWS DONE IN TEJUANA OR ROSARITO?"
    She then told my mom that she could correct them but to come back and see her in a couple of months when they have faded. She told my mom to just "LIVE WITH THEM"


    But of course she noticed and didn't mind telling my mother all that... She kept telling us "I'M SORRY, I'M JUST VERY OPINIONATED" almost in a way to forgive her for her rudeness and degarding remarks towards my mother.

    My mother then wanted to show her a quick picture of how she wanted her eyebrows to look like and the lady quickly came out with "WOW I DON'T THINK YOU WANT TO PAY FOR THIS LADY'S APPIONTMENT CAUSE YOU'RE KEEPING HER WAITING"
    I understand that she had another client waiting but if she couldn't have seen us or didn't want to leave her client she shouldn't have came out.
    My mother and I are both dentist and know that it's not okay to leave a patient or client waiting.
    We were okay with coming back that afternoon for a later appointment.
    I don't think it was right for her (or any place of business) to discriminate or degrade someone in such a way as she did.

    She did not show any sign of respect towards my mother and I.
    She could have confronted us in a much more better manner, AS A PROFESSIONAL! SOMETHING THAT SHE IS VERY MUCH SO LACKING!


    thumb Jessica T.

      I have wanted to have permanent eyebrows for several years. Following chemo for breast cancer, my brows never came back in nice. I went in and immediately felt comfortable and knew Dawn was a professional and good at what she does. I love my brows and look in the mirror with a big smile on my face! The office is warm and inviting and the receptionist made us feel right at home. I highly recommend Dawn and "Accent Permanent Makeup"...

    thumb Barbie S.

      I would recommend Accent Permanent Makeup Studio to everyone. I had always wanted to get my eyebrows done but was skeptical and scared. Dawn, the Owner is amazing! She has a way of calming your nerves. She takes her skill very seriously and she is passionate about making you look your very best! From start to finish the experience is very collaborative and reassuring. I basically put my image in her hands and was not disappointed. I think anyone that goes to her will be very happy!!

    thumb Yvonne A.

      I'm extremely satisfied with my micro bladed eyebrows! They are perfectly shaped and look like real hair. Dawn, the permanent make up artist (and owner), took the time to ask what Color and shape I was looking for, and also gave her own recommendations on what would look best on me. She is very patient and very good at what she does. I'm very impressed with what excellent work she does. Her front desk manager, Connor was very professional and courteous as well. I will definitely be back for some of Dawns other services, such as the scar reductions she offers. I live in San Diego and it was well worth the drive and then some!

    thumb Madison M.

      Quite honestly, I don't think she needs this review from me since she already has a lot of business (as you can see below), but I'm doing this to "pay it forward" really to those who are set on getting permanent make up and are deciding on who or where to go to. This was a huge commitment and investment for me so I hope this review will help others get the right services.

    Dawn is a beautiful person with a beautiful and talented heart! So ever since I committed myself to getting micro-bladed eyebrows and permanent eyeliner (just about 5 days ago), I looked at my schedule and saw that I only had Friday (today) off for the next 17 days. I tested my luck and attempted to schedule an appointment with her. Her receptionist told me she was booked 2 weeks out so I had to look back at my schedule again to give him another date. Instead of talking to her receptionist when I called back, Dawn picked up, and she was kind and generous enough to squeeze me into her already hectic schedule.

    So when I met her today for my appointment, she was very professional and yet so down to earth, which helped me feel at ease. I came in thinking I was going to have my eyeliners done only (since I scheduled last minute and she already had the whole day booked) and then schedule next week to get my eyebrows. Nope. She told me I can get both done today! This made me a super happy camper! I was in and out by 1.5 hours, paperwork included.

    Please don't let the 1.5 hours fool you. Most of the places I've looked at around here, have this amount of time down for just eyeliners and probably 2 hours for eyebrows. She got me in and out in less than half the time and the best part eyebrows and eyeliners LOOK GREAT, even better than what I was envisioning they'd look like. I had the eyeliner + mucosa for the top lid (asian eyes), and bottom lid, more subtle liner. For eyebrows, I had the microblading only (I thinking), without powder filling or tattooing but they're perfect, just the way I wanted them.

    I was sooo close to getting a groupon from other places to save money, but I am soooo glad I didn't. Dawn is AMAZING and her work is SO worth the price. She will constantly check with you to ensure she gives you what you want.

    thumb Lysa H.

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Amanda Slape
Amanda Slape
17:43 22 Dec 18
I went to Dawn in 2017 after years of wanting the perfect eyebrows. 3 of my co-workers recommended Dawn to me and I had my eyebrows microbladed. During my initial consultation, Dawn took her time taking photos and explained how the measurements on my face were a better suit than how I had been previously drawing my eyebrows. I proceeded with getting them done and accepted her professional opinion and was so glad I did!!!! My brows looked fantastic and I got so many compliments that I even had 3 more friends get their brows done with her. She has over 30 years of experience in the permanent makeup industry and that gave me confidence that she was good. She continues to keep up her credentials with the newest trends and has all her certificates are posted in her office in plain view. I’ve had my initial retouch and now after 1 year going back to have them touched up again. The price was completely worth it! Remember ladies, this is your face, invest in it because it’s the first thing people see and you’re worth it!read more
Bella Sophia
Bella Sophia
05:20 09 Dec 18
I went to Dawn about 8 years ago for brows, lips & liner. I was too chicken to ever go back for a touch up as was recommended, but my eyeliner is still pretty much perfect. My lips had scar tissue that she was able to camouflage beautifully and the color was perfect. Mind you - my natural lip color was close to flesh tone due to scarring and vascular issues. My brows were flawless. I recently decided to try Microblading and went to someone else because I heard she was great and I didn’t want to drive too far. I ended up with brows that were too sparse and had spots missing. Also - the color was wrong. I asked her to correct her work and she charged me! Can you believe that? I learned my lesson. I’ll be contacting Dawn for a full face again. She’s the actual best. I’ve had good and bad work - let me tell you - this is your face ladies. Don’t cut corners and try to save money. She is worth every more
Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown
19:15 12 Nov 18
Dawn did amazing job on my eyebrows, the service with Dawn and Maria are 5 stars. I would recommend Dawn to whoever is looking for permanent makeup, she is the lady and a true artist. Thank you again Dawn, for making eyebrows look great!:)read more
S. Burns
S. Burns
05:16 11 Sep 18
I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my eyebrows! Dawn is so thorough, going over everything with her clients that’s she thinks needs done. She listens intently to one’s thoughts, and she creates eyebrows that look so natural. I felt completely confident that everything would turn out because of the pictures she took beforehand and the grid she used to help her know what needed to be done. She’s the best, and I’ve received so many compliments on how my eyebrows look! Plus, she is so friendly!!!! Her assistant, Maria, is great, too! You can tell Dawn and Maria have a wonderful relationship in the way they interact with one another. :)read more
Sharon Eaton
Sharon Eaton
21:17 25 Jul 18
Well when I went in I was a little nervous. I did not want my eyebrows to enter the room before me. Dawn spent a good 30 minutes talking with me and going over what I liked and did not like. She is very knowledgeable about her skills. I love my eyebrows. I went in today for my follow up and had a few more strokes added. My eyebrows looks awesome! They look natural! I love waking up and not having to put on my brows. Dawn is great and Maria her Admin. Assistant is great. Overall very pleased would highly recommend Accent Makeup. Thank you Dawn and Maria!read more
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