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Full Lips / Blended Liners

Permanent lip colors can vary from nude to voluptuous burgundies. Dawn can create blended lip liners by shading edges producing a slight pout, or full lip color mimicking your favorite lipstick, or a combination.

All lips are not created equal. We desire many different looks and have many different tastes in color and style. On this page are a few examples of permanent makeup lips created by Accent.

Permanent Makeup Lips
Client received permanent Full Lip Color, Eyeliner and Eyebrows

Femininity can be defined by beautifully colored and shapely lips

Permanent Makeup Lips and Eyeliner
Client had permanent full lip color, and Eyeliner including Mucosal Area

Visit the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals website for more information on permanent lip makeup.

Permanent Makeup Lips, Multicolored Eyeliner and Eyebrows
Client received full lip color, Eyebrows, and Black Eyeliner with Purple Mucosal color to compliment the blue in her eyes

Progression of Photos showing the healing process for lip permanent makeup.

A skilled permanent makeup artist can change the shape and size of the lips as well as the color.

Curious about how permanent makeup ink is made?
Check out this link:

From the Dirt to the Skin Presentation

Permanent Makeup Lips
Permanent makeup can create voluptuous lips. Gloss or chapstick adds a moist and supple look.

Permanent Makeup Lips Permanent Makeup Lips
Permanent Makeup Lips

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