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Designer Permanent Brows

Permanent makeup can improve the shape, the color, and the fullness of eyebrows. And, since the eyebrows are tattooed, they do not smear or wash off. Together, you and Dawn can create your best look, which energizes your expression and makes you feel beautiful!

Brow designs should harmonize with the dimensions and curvature of the face. It takes a skilled permanent makeup artist to achieve this, because each face is unique and not entirely symmetric. Powder fill, hairstrokes, blending, multiple colors are all achieveable with permanent cosmetics at Accent.

Microblading for Hairstrokes

The relatively new technique, Microblading, uses a sloped mutli-needle handtool, which allows the artist to create hairstrokes with varied length, direction, and fullness. This along with the application of multiple ink colors can create natural, 3-dimensional eyebrows in any style. Microblading requires less healing time than traditional permanent makeup techniques, and the eyebrows lighten and change less during the healing process. You look natural and beautiful immediately after leaving Accent.

Brows are key elements in facial non-verbal communication, because they convey attitudes, feelings, and sentiments

The healing process for permanent eyebrow procedures typically take 6 to 10 days. Although, many people are able to resume their regular activities immediately with minimal reddness or discomfort. The size of the permanent makeup shrinks and the color lightens up to 40%. Refer to our Aftercare Instructions (link is on the left) for more information.

Accent Permanent Makeup Eyebrows
Microblading for better shape and fuller brows
Accent Permanent Makeup Brows
Hairstrokes following the direction of natural hairs
Accent Permanent Makeup Brows
Microblading technique for natural looking eyebrow hair stokes
Accent Permanent Makeup Brows
client over-tweezed; Brow Hair restored with Permanent Makeup
Accent Permanent Makeup Brows
Microbladed Eyebrows
Accent Permanent Makeup Brows
Microbladed Brows and Permanent Eyeliner

Men Benefit from Brow Enhancement

Men can also benefit from eyebrow tattooing with a more youthful and masculine look. Brows can be made to look naturally fuller by applying a powdery background overlayed with simulated hair stokes. Sparse areas caused by natural hair loss, overtweezing, cancer, alopecia, or trichotillomania can be filled in. More color in the facial area energizes your appearance, and takes off years!

Tattooed Eyebrows for Men
Example of male brow enhancement with the addition of hairstokes
Permanent Eyebrows for Men
Brow enhancement makes men noticeably more attractive

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