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As the Inland Empire’s leading Permanent Makeup Artist, Dawn is board certified and specializes in Designer 3D Brows, Custom Eyeliners, and Full Lip Colors with Blended Lipliners. She has been enhancing beauty naturally with permanent makeup since 1986. Dawn also has extensive experience with 3D Areola/Nipple Restorations, Scar Reduction Treatments, Stretchmarks and Permanent Makeup Corrections.

"Wake up Beautiful"
Water Proof & Smear Proof
Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic tattoo that provides the convenience of not having to reapply makeup daily. It also enhances your beauty by updating and rejeuvenating your appearance, and since it is a tattoo, permanent makeup is water proof and will not smudge or smear. Add more color to your lips, make your eyebrows fuller, enhance your eyes with eyeliner, and much more through the application of permanent makeup.

A custom design can be created just for you!

Permanent Makeup Full Face
Full Face Permanent Makeup with Eyeliner, Eyebrows, and Full Lip Color

During your free consultation Dawn will help you decide on your style whether it be natural or glamorous.

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner
Permanent Eyeliner Makeup with thin black upper liner and lower lash enhancement.

Who benefits from Cosmetic Tattooing?

~ Busy people with little time to re-apply makeup
~ People who want to look their best at all times
~ People who desire their makeup to look professional.
~ People with poor eyesight or physical limitations.
~ People seeking corrections for asymmetrical features.
~ Swimmers and sports enthusiasts of all types.
~ Sufferers of Cancer, Burns, Alopecia Areata, Vitaligo or Trichotillomania.

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner
Variation of eyeliner with a flair to create a more open-eyed look. client also has permanent full lips with a soft, natural color.

Curious about how permanent makeup ink is made?
Check out this link:

From the Dirt to the Skin Presentation

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows
Dark brown permanent eyebrows and black eyeliner

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3D Eyebrows ~ Eyeliners ~
Full Lips/Liners
Beauty Marks ~ 3D Areolas/Nipples
Scar Reduction Treatments

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Dawn is excited to offer her newly perfected technique for creating hairstrokes for eyebrows giving them a natural, 3-dimensional look. See the example below and the brows page for more information.

Permanent Makeup Prices
Micro Dermal Needling. The latest brow technique for natural looking 3D hairstrokes.

Services include topical anesthetic and after care products
Sterilized/disposable equipment only

Price List

Powder fill design, shape and color enhancement, including soft edge shading, hairstrokes (requires a 3rd visit for $95 more for multiple colors)
Upper and/or lower, lash enhancement, multiple colors, mucosal color
Full lip color and/or lip liner, multi-color, shaping, blending (some dark, full colors may require a 3rd visit for $95 more for best results)
Areolas/3D Nipples
Re-pigmenting and/or scar reduction, 3D shading, matching color and shape, one or both sides
Beauty Marks
New creation or enhancement
CIT for Scars, Stretchmarks & Wrinkle Reduction Treatments
Collagen Induction Therapy for Wrinkles, stretchmarks, scars (raised, depressed, acne, or white scared areas), each treatment
Touchups (On Accent's work only)  
Within one year of paid procedure, each $95
Within two years of paid procedure, each $195
After two years of paid procedure, each (includes complimentary touchup) $295
Promotions (Only one discount may be used at one time)  
The Works - Eyebrows, Eyeliner,& Lips in one visit (saving $286) (free touchups must be done in one visit) $999
Birthday - Procedure must be done within +/- one week of your birthday - Take off your age in dollars, excluding touchups Age
Military Discount, excluding touchups $50 off

All new procedures include complimentary after-care products, and one resaturation touchup to be done within 4-8 weeks after the initial procedure

Purchase a FULL PACKAGE for only $999.00 That's a savings of $286.00!
Included is Designer Brows, Custom Eyeliner, and Full Blended Lip Color. Procedures must be done on one person at the same appointment.

No one under 18 permitted

No outside food or drink permitted

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows
Beautiful Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

29 Years Experience
Dawn's Credentials

2014 - AAM Convention and Workshops
2014 - MEI-CHA Fantasy Eyeliner Styles
2014 - MEI-CHA Dimentional Eyebrows and 3D Hairstrokes
2014 - MEI-CHA Nipple/Areola Restoration Techniques
2014 - 2006 Blood bourne Pathogens OSHA Certificates
2014 - 2009 American Heart Association CPR Certification
2013 - Naturalook Permanent Makeup Seminar in Anaheim
2013 - Riverside County Health Department Certificate of Operation
2013 - City of Temecula Business License
2013 - 2005 Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals
2013 - 2005 SPCP Convention Certificates of Attendance
2011 - Naturalook Permanent Makeup Workshop
2005 - American Academy Convention Certificates of Attendance
2005 - 1997 American Academy of Micro-pigmentation - F.A.A.M.
2005 - 1997 American Academy of Micro-pigmentation - D.A.A.M.
2005 - 1997 ACD Research for Macro Theory Derma-graphics
2002 - 2008 San Bernardino County Dept Health Cert.
2002 - 2008 SB County Dept Health – HIV/AIDS Awareness
1999 - AIIC Advanced Intra dermal Cosmetic Technician
1998 - Cecil B. Production - Makeup Artistry Certificates
1997 - AIPC Technician  (MCA) Multi-trepanic Collagen Actuation
1995 - American Institute of Intra-dermal Cosmetic - Certificates
1995 - Derma Medical Institute - Camouflage Certificates
1994 - Aveda Permanent Makeup Artistry Certificates
1991 - Certificate of Training Cameo-Flage, Inc.
1986 - Dr. Marc Leventhal (Permanent Makeup) Apprenticeship
1974 - Mt. San Antonio College - Emergency Medical Tech. Cert.

Client Testimonials

Permanent Makeup Testimonial "Thank you for caring and making it personal in helping me look beautiful." -Zelma Melendez

Permanent Makeup Testimonial "Now I feel such self confidence, it's a pleasure, not a pain, to dress up and go." -Carol Hurley

Permanent Makeup Testimonial "A sincere thank you for creating my new eyebrows. They are truly an improvement and you are the best!" -Marsha

Permanent Makeup Testimonial "Thank you for taking the extra time to make your artwork so perfect."-Tami Soyensen

Permanent Makeup Professional Organizations

Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals
Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals
Certified Instructor of Permanent Makeup

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